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University Mohammed V of Rabat (UM5)

University Mohammed V of Rabat (UM5) founded in 1957, University Mohammed V of Rabat (UM5R) is composed of 19 academic institutions and 8 Faculties (www.um5.ac.ma). It has a significant potential (2 311 professors, 1 294 administrative and technical staff, 70 755 students in 2014), prestigious academic institutions and experimented research structures. It offers 194 separate tracks for Bachelor and Master degrees. As to research, it includes 271 accredited research structures (72 laboratories and 195 research teams), 8 centers of excellence, 9 doctoral centers, 6 poles of national competence, a center for technological innovation and Innovation and an Incubation Center. It has concluded 1260 high-level agreements of cooperation at the national, regional and international level. It is involved in several bilateral and multilateral international cooperation programs (TEMPUS, PCRD, ERASMUS MUNDUS, VOLUBILIS, CMIME, ATLAS...). UM5 will act as an active partner in the INFINITE-CELL project within the consortium, and as one of the two research institutions representing Morocco. UM5 laboratory has long experience in the preparation of thin films for PV conversion like TCOs, Chalcopyrite materials films (CuInS2 and CuInSe2), II-VI films, ITO, F-SnO2 and ZnO doped with different elements like (F, In, rare-earth...).

The specific research activity that will be conducted at UM5R consists of the development of :

- Transparent conductive oxides (Indium Tin Oxide, ITO) by the ultrasonic spray technique, and

- Kesterite materials to be used as an active layer to integrate into the desired solar cell. 

Previous Involvement in Research and innovation projects:

1.     EUROSUNMED (FP7/2007-2013) started on September 2013 and ending on August 2017.

Current involvement in Research and Innovation projects:

2.     PPR-OPV: Development of Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells (MEFCRS PPR).

3.     HAINDAI: Fano-resonances and sensing.

4.     PPR-Optical Storage: Development of new materials for optical storage (MEFCRS PPR).

5.     ERASMUS +: EU Programme for exchange.