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Open Day at IREC

IREC has organized an Open Day together with the program In-Forma't of the Barcelona's City Hall, including activities related to INFINITE-CELL and the promotion of the project. During the event, young students (15 to 18 years old), visited IREC to know more about the day to day live of a scientist. At the beginning, Dr. Edgardo Saucedo (coordinator of INFINITE-CELL) presented general information to the audience including details of INFINITE-CELL. Then Dr. Yudania Sanchez (researcher which will perform secondments in the frame of INFINITE-CELL), and Dr. Sergio Giraldo (young researcher that has already performed a secondment) presented their experiences in the frame of research and the project. The attendants visited then the laboratories, to see all the activities developed by IREC in the frame of INFINITE-CELL, with the objective to show to the general society the importance of European H2020 projects for the society.

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