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9th European Kesterite Workshop

HZB will present two very important works in the next 9th European Kesterite Workshop to be held in Ghent, Belgium on 28-30 November 2018. These results were obtained thank to the experimental activities that are being developed by HZB in INFINITE-CELL, including:

  • Detection limits of ZnSe and Cu2SnSe3 in Cu2ZnSnSe4 by XANES, Galina Gurieva, Rafael Ferreira, Konrad Ritter, Laura Elisa Valle Rios, Daniel M. Többens, Götz Schuck, Claudia S. Schnohr, and Susan Schorr

  • Cu2Zn(GexSi1-x)Se4 - coexistence of two structure types, S. Niedenzu, G. Gurieva, A. Franz, and S. Schorr 

HZB, 9th European Kesterite Workshop, INFINITE-CELL