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Series of training courses during the secondment of Dr. Galina Gurieva at SUNGA (Republic of Moldova)

During her secondment in January-February and April 2018, Dr. Galina Gurieva gave a serie of master class symposium in Chissinay, Republic of Moldova, on different aspects of advanced XRD techniques, with strong emphasis in the aspects related to the work being performed by HZB in INFINITE-CELL.

Activities performed:

a) Hands on session on Rietveld refinement of powder/thin films XRD data using FullProf software in a small group (offerred by ER from HZB for ESRs of SunGa and IAP ASM).

b)Training on phase analysis using PowderCell software, paying special attention to the most commonly found in kesterites secondary phases (offered by ER from HZB for a mixed group of ESRs from SunGa and IAP ASM)

c)Discussion session devoted to structure determination from single crystal XRD for wide bandgap semiconductors (offered by ER from IAP ASM, for ER from HZB and ESRs from SunGa and IAP ASM)

Dr. Galina Gurieva conference